Types of Travel

by | May 12, 2021 | Journey

Rick Steves shared in a presentation that there are different types of travelers. Some travel just for the fun of it. This type of traveler is out for entertainment and not looking to really get to know a place and its customs. The focus is on having fun throughout the journey. The fun traveler is not looking to be changed by the experience. There is nothing wrong with this approach. It is okay to desire entertainment.

Rick Steves says that another type of traveler is one seeking to learn about another culture. This person reads the guide books to learn about the places and people they are visiting. They want to sample the local food and experience the local customs as much as possible. It is all about learning.

Rick Steves’ final traveler is a pilgrim. This type of traveler desires to be changed by the experience of travel. This is much like those on a pilgrimage that we read about in history lessons. This traveler desires to have a heart-changing experience. The idea is that the journey will transform them.

I will share more about the types of travelers in the weeks ahead.




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