Travel and Finances

by | May 5, 2021 | Journey

Trips to faraway exotic places and even places nearby can be enticing and exciting. But they should never be an excuse to borrow money to do so. In this month of financial literacy,  I encourage you to be thoughtful when it comes to travel and money.

I know with Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, people are beginning to want to travel again. There is nothing wrong with travel if you can afford it. Please rethink borrowing money for a trip. Maybe your destination can be more modest to fit your current financial constraints. Everyone does not need to travel abroad or even to famous theme parks. It would be much wiser to save for a year or two to make a trip rather than put it on a credit card. You will enjoy the journey so much more because you will not be worried about paying the bills when you return.

We often find ourselves being convinced that we deserve this trip no matter the cost and long-term consequences. Do not let social media, friends, and advertising influence your choices. Be wise with your money.




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