Investment Services

The Foundation offers short and long term investment opportunities.

The Short-Term Fund provides a dependable source of income and liquidity consistent with a short time horizon. There is no minimum deposit or fees associated with the Short-Term Fund. Funds are available within three business days. Interest rates are reviewed by the Investment and Finance Committee every quarter.  Direct deposit and withdrawal of funds is available.

The Long-Term Fund (performance) provides an opportunity to achieve growth over time through capital appreciation and income. Principal may be withdrawn semiannually. Income may be distributed quarterly.   There is an administrative fee.

The Foundation can assist in trust and endowment services by working with your financial and legal advisor to meet your financial and estate goals.

The Foundation also provides Donor Advised Fund Administration. Donors are able to reap the tax benefits of a charitable gift, while the Foundation distributes the funds to charitable beneficiaries upon advice from the donor.

The Foundation is happy to process gifts of stock or mutual funds for charitable entities, who do not have a brokerage account. The donor pays the cost of the transaction.


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Recommended Readings


The staff of the Foundation is available at no cost to provide presentations or a Sunday sermon on developing resources to tell The Story of Jesus and His Love.

Presentations include:

  • Endowments for the local church and other ministries
  • Investment options in the Foundation Short Term or Long Term Funds
  • Stewardship Development Ideas
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Cemetery Endowments
  • Creating Generous Disciples of Jesus Christ


Planned Giving

  • Touch the lives of others while creating a lasting legacy
  • Find peace of mind through a wide variety of tax benefits 
  • Achieve your goals for resourcing ministry and mission of the United Methodist Church

How to Give

Find out what types of assets make the best planned gifts. Learn about gifts of cash, securities and property

What to Give

Learn how to make a gift that provides tax benefits and even life income. Discover the best gift option to meet your goals.

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others. Explore the many benefits of charitable gift planning.


A permanent endowment provides a donor an opportunity to provide support for telling The Story of God’s love for future generations. A permanent endowment is also a legal agreement that defines how a gift will be administered in the future.

Many endowment funds are established by persons who want to provide annual income for scholarships, cemeteries, ministries, or a local church forever.

The Foundation requires gifts greater than $5,000 to create a named endowment. An endowment may be created with a smaller amount, if the donor intends to continue to make contributions or has included the endowment in a will.

The Foundation provides a Spending Plan Guideline that is specifically designed to grow the endowment fund at a rate greater than inflation over time.


What is an Individual Endowment?

The term endowment refers to more than the fact a gift has been made which “endows” or enables ministry. It is a legal agreement which defines how the gift will be administered in the future. The donor’s expression of love is in perpetuity.

Most endowment funds are created with wealth that individuals have accumulated, rather than from their current earnings.

How do I establish an Endowment fund ?

There are two ways to establish an endowment fund. First, you can make an immediate gift to establish your endowment fund. The Foundation would be pleased to draft a gift document for your approval. It is extremely important to define your wishes and terms of the gift in writing. You and others can always add to your endowment fund in the future.

The second method involves planning for this gift in your will. At your death after your final affairs are settled, a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or specific pieces of property are given to establish the fund. This method usually allows the donor to be more generous, since lifetime concerns and responsibilities no longer have to be considered.

You can use both methods. A donor can establish an endowment fund now with an immediate gift and add to the fund through their will.

Will inflation make my gift insignificant over time ?

The Foundation provides a Spending Plan Guideline that is specifically designed to grow the endowment fund at a rate greater than inflation over time.

Can I support more than one ministry ?

You can instruct the annual income be distributed on a percentage basis to many different entities. Examples: Your local church, colleges, children’s home, scholarships, older adult ministries, or any ministry you desire. When making these decisions, you may wish to keep in mind the amount of funds available for distribution. You want your gift to make a lasting impact, no matter where you gift goes.

Should I designate the income recipient ?

This decision is up to you. Some donors prefer to leave all or part of this decision unresolved. They prefer The Foundation’s Board of Directors decide who receives the income annually.

What should I give ?

Only you can answer this question. Your own financial situation, responsibilities, retirement security, and other giving commitments must be considered. The Foundation recommends careful consideration be given to appreciated, marketable securities and real property. Funding gifts with these assets can offer special tax advantages.