Travel for Fun

by | May 19, 2021 | Journey

Travel for fun is one category of travel suggested by travel guide, Rick Steves. Fun travel is going on a cruise just to sit around the pool and enjoy all that the ship has to offer. There may be brief shore excursions to a beach, waterpark, or shopping. The theme for the journey is to have fun.

We all need some time for play. It is okay not to have a heavy agenda or feel as if we should be accomplishing something with our time. Put away the cell phone and cut off internet access for a few days, and just invest in being present in the moment of hiking, swimming, fun reading, or whatever suits your fancy. 

A wise counselor in my clinical pastoral education quarter in seminary reminded us all that play is necessary to human growth. Even adults need play time in order to mature. Children teach us that we can use our imaginations and just be in the moment without any plans for the next hour or next moment. It is okay to have fun.

A fun experience does not require a theme park, a cruise, or even escape rooms. Fun can happen in our backyards or a picnic in the park. If you have children, ask them about having fun. If you do not have children or grandchildren around, think about what you did for fun as a child: Jacks, hopscotch, hula hoops, or whatever. Embrace the fun in this journey called life.




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