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by | Mar 17, 2021 | Journey

I am actually old enough to remember travel agencies that had brick and mortar offices filled with posters and brochures. You could walk in and just browse the many options and casually talk to one of the travel agents about a possible trip.  I notice that a large number of old travel posters now make appearances on Antiques Roadshow. 

Your church’s journey into the future has many options today. There is not a travel store filled with posters and brochures, but the internet is filled with options. I would like to offer one resource related to the whole idea of the offering in churches.

How we receive the offering has changed dramatically because of Covid-19, but the reality is that the pandemic has just pushed the whole discussion forward.  Think about how much cash you saw in offering plates back in the old days. What about checks? I remember when the plates would come back to the front with ushers having to hold the stack of cash and checks down. That was a long time ago. 

I wish to offer you a great video “brochure/poster” about the offering from Discipleship Ministries entitled, “Been Looking for a Better Offering?”  Here is the link:




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