Holy Land

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Journey

Lisa and I had the opportunity to travel to Israel several years ago. Most would call it a tour of the Holy Land.  It is one thing to read about the places of Jesus’ life or to watch videos about it, but being there makes it all so much more real.

The wilderness area contains a lot of rocks and stones. It is no wonder that Jesus was tempted to turn them into bread. Going up to Jerusalem really is a matter of literally going up-hill. Jesus’ whole ministry took place in such a small geographical area.

As Lent moves us ever closer to Good Friday, many are reflecting on Jesus’ journey. We get a sense of what he was thinking and feeling as we read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ last two weeks with the disciples.  It was a time of pain and comfort, peace and turmoil, and so much more.

I invite you to walk along with Jesus over the next few days. This Holy Land journey may surprise you.




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