Where Are You Headed?

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Direction, Journey

The old saying goes, “If you do not know where you are headed, chances are you are going to get there.” In other words, without a destination in mind, you are going to end up nowhere.  So, a journey begins with some kind of end in mind.

I have enjoyed watching Rick Steves share about travels around the world. He makes it all look so interesting and easy. Then, I have to remind myself that Steves has done this before. The video I see on television is not showing Rick Steves’ first time in these places, where he may have struggled to find where he was going. The videos only record the highlights and best experiences of travel.  We do not see Steves sitting in a cramped plane for hours or in a terminal because transportation is delayed.  Yet, Steves does offer many interesting opportunities for travel.

Who has inspired you in your travels? What is your dream destination for personal travel? And where have you sought inspiration for your church or ministry? What is the dream destination for your church or ministry? The journey is ahead with the good and the challenging.




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