Dream Destinations

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Direction, Journey

I admit that I am enticed by many episodes of HGTV that show people moving to a new residence in a new place in the United States or other countries. Some make the decision because of work, while others look to a retirement home.  And the choices are all over the place.

There are those that want to be near family, while others are happy to leave grown children behind.  Warm beaches and swaying palm trees invite many living in colder climates, while an apartment in Italy or France is the dream of others.  There is definitely not a one size fits all kind of destination. What kind of dream destination do you have?

What about your church’s destination? Do you envision full pews every Sunday with a vibrant mission and all the necessary resources? Are you longing for changes in your community that will change your church’s course? We can dream all we want, but no destination is going to be reached without proper planning and adequate resources.




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