Bugs in the Garden

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Direction, Generosity

I had my first invasion of something eating away the leaves of the broccoli and cabbage I just planted.  I sprinkled the leaves with an insecticide to stop the problem from going further.  At least, that is what the label says it will do.

I imagine there are plenty of bugs to work with in trying to return to in-person worship and other activities while maintaining safety for all involved. Then there is the task of keeping up with an electronic presence at the same time.  Maybe you just need a little spritz of this or that to get the bugs resolved. Others may need a full-blown all-out assault.

The same can be said in dealing with church finances. Some of you may need to tweak the plan for funding ministry a little here or there. Others need to meet the growing gap for funding head-on with all hands-on deck.  It is not too late to turn to our recommended resource for this fall, The Gratitude Path by Kent Millard. It is an excellent resource filled with biblical references, illustrations, study questions, and church-wide plans for funding ministry. There are a couple of brief videos on our website that may be helpful introductions to the book.




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