Almost Fall

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Direction, Thankfulness

I can hardly believe that fall is just a few days away. Of course, fall in Mississippi is not exactly like that in northern regions of the country. It may be time for sweaters, vests, and long sleeves in the fashion world, but our temperatures say something else.

My garden still has okra producing, while the cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce, and cauliflower I put out is growing. The new tomatoes have been disappointing.  The grass seems to show little signs of letting up. It is hard to think about winterizing it right now.  The calendar seems to say one thing, but the reality feels different.

I think most churches and church-related entities can relate to things feeling and being different these days. In the old days, most churches would be running full speed ahead, but that is not how it is today. In the old days, Wesley Foundation buildings would be filled with students, but now it is about virtual gatherings.  We are beginning to realize that the usual fall events are not going to be so usual.  Yet, there are some things that still require our attention.

Invitations to support ministry are more important than ever. With fewer people being involved personally, we are all going to need to do a better job of helping people see lives impacted. Show folks what is happening with children, youth, adults, and missions. It cannot be just a once and done.  The messaging needs to clear, invitational, and frequent. An announcement on Sunday needs to be reinforced in mailings, texts, and social media.  Think about commercials on television. They show the same ones over and over again for a reason.




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