A Rich Inheritance

by | Sep 30, 2020 | All Saints Sunday

Felder Rushing, who has a gardening show on MPB, often speaks of heritage plants. These are plants and trees that are native to Mississippi. Cuttings or bulbs from these plants and trees can be transplanted to other locations and thrive without constant attention. He often mentions roses and other plants in cemeteries that continue to grow and bloom in all kinds of weather with little attention.  We are invited to celebrate this rich heritage.

Sunday, November 1, we will have an opportunity to celebrate the inheritance left to us by the saints who have gone before us.  Covid-19 made it difficult for churches to provide funeral services for members. Many have been held at the graveside with limited participants.  All Saints provides a way to honor them.

The church can honor the saints and celebrate their faith and witness.  It is also the perfect time to ask what inheritance does the current generation of believers envision leaving to future generations.  One simple act is a bequest to the church in one’s will.

You can find resources for All Saints on the Foundation’s website to help you plan and quietly ask.




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