Sprints and Marathons

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Direction

I will say right up front that I was forced to run sprints in physical education classes long ago, but I was not much of a runner. I have walked/run in some 5Ks at annual conference in years past.  I have never aspired to be a marathon runner.  I have watched enough track and field on television to know that the two are very different. 

Sprints require a complete sell-out from the starting gun to the end. A marathon requires careful pacing and strategy for a prolonged period of time.  It is clear that we thought dealing with Covid-19 was going to be a sprint, but it has turned out to be a marathon.  This means that our pacing and strategy needs to be changed.

Proper pacing of connecting with church members needs to be addressed. In a sprint world, it was fine to call and connect frequently, but how does that change in a marathon? Finding a balance that does not wear out givers and recipients is important. There is no such thing as a sustained sprint. 

How do we continue to engage people in worship, prayer, witness, service, and giving? What is the proper pacing and tools needed in this Covid-19 marathon? One tool I believe will be helpful is Kent Millard’s The Gratitude Path.  Itis a great stewardship campaign resource for focusing attention on what is good in our world and helping people to be thankful.  Millard’s book will benefit you as a way to navigate funding for 2021. Click here for a brief video.




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