Changing and Staying the Same

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Miscellaneous Posts

Lisa and I decided to add to our container vegetable garden by using the same provider for our first one.

We like the product. It took awhile to find the name of the original company and to contact them. They no longer bring the garden ready-made. It now comes in a kit form. I will have to buy the landscape timbers and cut them myself.  So, the same – but different.

Lisa is a fan of the game show Jeopardy.  Alex Trebek’s illness and Covid-19 has slowed production of the show, so they are playing re-runs this summer. Early re-runs featured first broadcasts of the show with Alex as host.  It was interesting to watch. The format is the same, but the set and technology are definitely dated. The game strategy is different as well.

The contestants I recently saw came to the last question of the day and wagered all of their money.  The contestant with the most money needed only to have wagered $501 to best the second-place player by a dollar, which is often the strategy in the current version of the game. He bet it all.  Every player got the wrong answer, so they all went to zero and left empty-handed.

Covid-19 has forced churches to examine and live into new strategies while keeping the mission the same.  Going back to where we once were will look like Jeopardy in 1984. Good to see, but hokey looking all the same.




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