Digging In Step Six

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Planning

I hope some of you enjoyed National Pizza Day this past Sunday, or maybe you are looking forward to Random Acts of Kindness Day next week.  I am beginning to do a bit more research into the best plants for container gardens and if sand should be added to my yard.  I am dreaming some about what my garden and yard will look like in the coming months. What kind of dreaming are you doing about your financial situation?

Regarding personal finances, you may dream of a time when all of your student loans and credit cards are paid in full. Maybe you are looking forward to having a solid financial reserve. It is one thing to dream, but dreams do not become reality without work. What concrete steps will it take for you to move toward your financial dreams? Your fantasy may be that Publisher’s Clearing House shows up with a check on your doorstep. The chances of that happening are slim to none.

Every big dream begins to become reality with small steps. What first step do you need to make today in order to achieve your personal financial goals? If you are clergy, E&Y Financial Planners is available through Wespath to help you make those steps. Go to Wespath and click on the connection to E&Y to get started.  The service is valuable and no cost to you.




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