Digging In Step Five

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Planning

The rush of starting a New Year is over. Now, there is a bit of time to sit and reflect on the past and the future. The present can be ignored because not much is going to happen in our gardens just now.  We can think about what worked in the past and what did not work. Then plans can be made for the future.

I know that I am going to get to the plant sales earlier this year, so that I can have more choices among the varieties of tomato plants and others.  I was late last year and had a limited amount of choices to make.  I want more productive tomato plants, cucumbers and okra.  So, I now have a rough plan for the future. What about your financial future?

Are you planning to have more money in the bank next month? Are you planning to easily pay all of your monthly obligations? Churches, are you hoping to build a three to six-month operating reserve and avoid the summer giving slump? Now is the time to think ahead.




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