Digging In Step Four

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Planning

January 17 was Ditch Your Resolution Day.  Did you make it that far with any of your resolutions? Are you still with me in digging in for a new season of planting and finances?  It is so easy to lose focus and jump right back in to doing everything just like it was done last year.

Expecting different results by doing the same thing just doesn’t get the job done. What am I going to change to prevent weeds in the lawn and see a better harvest in the garden?  I am going to need to put some of that new knowledge I have found into action.

What about your financial work? Did you download Mint or some other tool for budgeting and better personal financial management? Have you researched tools for your church or ministry funding? Did you watch a webinar or two? Now, what are you going to do with that new knowledge?

Maybe you can begin to write those thank you notes to donors. How about sending out regular giving statements that celebrate all the good that is happening because people contribute? Might this be the year to challenge everyone to give something? How about asking for a minimum contribution from everyone of at least $10 a month or a week depending upon your setting?




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