Digging In Step Three

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Planning

I did an internet search for container gardening and had over 75 million possible sites to explore.  Now comes the task of finding what will be helpful for my situation.  Typing in the right search information is often the hardest part of finding good resources on the internet.  I would like to offer a couple to you related to personal and church finances.

Mint is a great free resource for personal finances. Yes, you can buy an array of services from them, but the basic program is free. Mint will track your finances, help you establish a budget, set up bill paying and get all kinds of helpful tips. And it is free. Go to mint.com for more information.

Another great tool for personal finances for a group is All My Money.  No, this is not the song or the rap.  All My Money is a great product produced by the Illinois Extension Service.  The tool kit costs $150, but it has all you need to lead sessions for all kinds of families and situations.  Go to https://extension.illinois.edu/gkw/all-my-money-change-better for more information.

Two great resources for church finances area Horizons Stewardship and Discipleship Ministries.  https://horizons.net/giving365/ features a free resource filled with information. Yes, Horizons does offer services for a fee, but Giving 365 is a free resource they offer.  The other is https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/ funded by your general church mission shares. Click on equipping leaders and then stewardship. Ken Sloane does a great job with all kinds of resources and webinars.  And it does not cost you anything.  The first webinar for the year was a couple of weeks ago, but you can watch it from the library. You will have to sign up with your email, but there is no cost or solicitations to follow.

You can always call me for more information about any of these resources. Maybe you have a good garden, lawn, or financial one you would like to share with me.




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