Digging In Step Two

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Planning

Working with my garden and yard tools this winter invites me to reflect on the past growing season.  I fought some weed infestation in the yard last year.  I found a couple of products that eradicated many of them.  I also relied on some tried and true weed killers in the flower beds along with renewed mulch.  My garden just was not as good as the year before.

The tomatoes produced, but not in the size and number as previous years. The cucumber crop was way down, and I was disappointed in my okra production.  So now, I am beginning to think about changes that need to be made for future success.

What about your financial success last year? Did your income produce as you had hoped? Did people give to your congregation or ministry as in years past? Have you thought about what kinds of changes need to be made now, so that this year will do better than last year? This refers to your personal finances as well as church and ministry finances.

I will be doing some garden and yard research this month to improve my results. Maybe some new money skills could be in the mix as well.




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