Pastors and Generosity

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Direction

I find that most folks in the church do not like to talk about money. Much of this aversion is modeled by clergy that avoid the topic of money or measure everything by money.  Neither approach is healthy. But pastors are called to grow disciples, and that includes generosity.

Generous people are grateful for what God has entrusted to them and for the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ. You, pastors are called to model this for your flock. If you are not generous in your giving to the church, people will know. And whatever you have to say about money will fall on deaf ears.  Find someone to help you address your failure to be faithful in your financial support for the church today.  You are blocking your own spiritual growth and cheating the potential disciples in your care.

Pastors, you are important to the life of the church.  You are appreciated by the Foundation.




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