by | Oct 9, 2019 | Thankfulness

The pastor is no more important to a church than its members, but it is hard for a church to function without a pastor.  October is clergy or pastor appreciation month.  It is a time to emphasize prayer and gratitude for the work of the pastor in our churches.

I remember each of my pastors over the years. Some were better preachers than others. Some were better at pastoral care. Still others offered administrative skills necessary for the life of the church.  It is rare to have a clergy, who can do all things well. I heard an old pastor early in my ministry career say, “If you can’t preach the best, be the very best pastor the people have ever had.”  It is also important for good preachers to still offer pastoral care.  Everything does not happen during office hours on the internet.  Pastoral care requires engaging people where they are.

Pastors, you are important to the life of the church.  You are appreciated by the Foundation.




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