All Saints Sunday Is Approaching

by | Oct 2, 2019 | All Saints Sunday

All Saints Sunday materials are available for your use on the Foundation website. The media will enhance your ability to celebrate the saints through Facebook and your newsletter of bulletin.

A Facebook series of images focusing on All Saints Sunday is available for your use.  The images all feature the hashtag #All Saints Sunday. The information also includes a newsletter or bulletin image that is ready to drop in your documents. Each of these resources is found on our website under All Saints Sunday.

The goal is to celebrate the lives of those who have provided leadership and fellowship over the years and to invite persons to remember the church in their wills. This is a simple ask that has no pressure attached. The easiest way for persons to provide a legacy gift to their church is through their will.  You may be surprised by the number of folks, who just have never thought about a bequest.

Please, take advantage of this resource.




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