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by | May 8, 2019 | Direction, Planning

If you are looking for resources related to personal finances, you will find several simply by consulting any web browser.  I now recommend “All My Money” developed by the Illinois Extension Service. It is a simple plan that is applicable to people of very limited means up to sophisticated investors.  The kit cost $150 and includes all of the needed materials ready to print and use.

There are so many folks, who would like to give but have little left to give because of poor personal financial management.  Few other people offer simple money management courses for persons.  The church needs to become the place that leads folks in a discussion of the place of money in our lives. Such a powerful tool often moves into the role of running everything in our lives.  We just have to learn how to talk about money’s role in our lives outside of asking for money.

It is already better to talk about money, when you are not asking for money. People will be more open to the discussion in settings outside of Sunday worship.  If you do not use “All My Money,” please find another resource to lead a discussion of personal finances.




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