Stewardship Resources

by | May 1, 2019 | Direction, Planning

Ken Sloan with Discipleship Ministries does an excellent job of sharing stewardship resources. These are at no cost to you because you pay for them through your general church apportionments.  The stewardship section of the Discipleship Ministries offers a wide variety of resources from documents to archived webinars.  Scroll to leadership resources and click on stewardship.

There is a great article about building a narrative budget.  You can sign up to receive offertory prayers tied to the lectionary.  There are webinars on doing a church audit or choosing a stewardship campaign.  You can even find a webinar that will share about the best time to talk about money.

All of these good resources are at no cost to you because of faithful congregations paying their general church apportionments.  Look today, if you have not seen this great collection of stewardship resources.




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