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by | May 15, 2019 | Direction, Planning

There is a resource page on our website that offers recommended books, programs and other resources.  You will also find information about planned giving, donor advised funds and account information. These are just a few resources offered by the Foundation. The greatest resource that we offer is our staff.

  • Mary Lee Reed, our Associate Director & CFO, is happy to walk you through any document on our website. Mary Lee will answer questions about your account, how to establish a donor advised fund, making a stock transfer, and insights about electronic giving.
  • Melissa Miller, our Office & Communications Manager, is able to answer many of your questions regarding account signatures, balances, etc. Melissa can assist you in developing a narrative budget or creating a basic brochure about stewardship or generosity in your setting.
  • Billie Spraberry, our Treasurer, knows the ins and outs of your accounts.  Billie will be happy to assist you in making deposits or withdrawals.
  • I will be happy to assist you as well. I can answer questions about stewardship resources, planned giving presentations and preaching or leading in your church. I am happy to meet with you or any group in your church to share about stewardship and generosity.

All of us can be reached by calling: 601-948-8845.




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