by | Jan 9, 2019 | Direction

Everyone seems to be marketing tools to get us better organized in this New Year. Products run from storage boxes to day planners and everything in between. Now is time to get one’s financial matters organized.

Today is a good day to finally reconcile that check book.  I know that many no longer write checks, but there are still entries in the account to be reconciled.  Hoping that you have money in the account to cover all the auto-drafts that are coming is not the best way to manage one’s finances. Get a clear picture of where you are this first month of 2019. And remember, financial institutions do make mistakes with deposits and withdrawals.

Establish a bill paying calendar that works for you.  They tend to come around at the same time every month.  Write it on the calendar or enter it in your electronic calendar. Then you will not be surprised by drafts on your account.  Find a way to keep track of receipts in case you need to verify an amount or return an item.

Simple steps to start the year will make life easier in the future. You can make this happen.




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