You Still Have Four Sundays Left in 2018

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Christmas, Giving

There is still time to make a financial difference in the life of the church for 2018, but it will not happen without transparency.  The congregation needs to know where the church stands financially.  If you are running according to plan, celebrate that with the congregation.  Talk about all that has been accomplished because of people’s generosity.  If you are far ahead be thankful and share future plans for ministry made possible by extravagant generosity.

If you are behind, lift up the good news that there is still time to catch up.  Tie the money to the church’s plans for ministry. It is not just about paying the bills. What dreams will be left undone because the resources have not been provided?  Encourage those who have not engaged in financial support to think about an offering as an expression of gratitude for Christ’s coming.  Remind your congregation that all of the special events during Advent and Christmas are made possible through faithful support of the church.

Don’t get caught up in dollar amounts, but focus on percentages and ministry made possible by financial contributions.  As they say in the mortgage commercials, “You’ve got this.”




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