Hospitality 101

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Christmas, Planning

Many people will visit our churches for special services and Christmas Eve Communion the next two weeks.  Have you considered how to make them feel welcome? I have a few hospitality tips to share with you.

1.      Clearly display the day and times for special services.

2.      Have the building open with lights and heat on at least thirty minutes prior to the service.

3.      Have outside greeters to direct people to the proper door for entrance to worship. Not everyone knows which door is “the” door to use.

4.      Pump up the ushers to welcome everyone warmly with a smile. Give directions to the rest rooms and nursery area.

5.      If the old-timers want their pew, make sure they are early enough to claim it.

6.      Have some crayons and coloring sheets for children to use during the service.

7.      Do not have a long “meet and greet time.” Friendly congregations are usually only friendly toward their friends.

8.      Explain what the offering is and what it does.

9.      If communion is being offered, give good directions about how it is done in your church and that all are welcome.

10.  Invite people to your next services.

11.  Have someone at all exit doors to wish people a good day, evening or Merry Christmas as they leave.





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