People Want to Give at Christmas

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Christmas, Giving

Planning for Christmas Eve services is complete or underway in most churches. Please, do not forget about the offering.  People come to Christmas Eve services because they feel the need to be there. They want to be touched by the message of divine love laid in a manger.  And many want some way to respond to this good news. So, plan for the offering.

You may wish to receive the offering as you normally do Sunday mornings. If you do; please, assume that many in the congregation are not old hands at this. Take a few moments to explain what the offering is and what is accomplished through the gifts received.  The money in the offering plates translates into ministry in the name of the Christ Child.  Providing a Christmas themed offering envelope in the bulletin may be helpful.

Or you may choose to allow persons to leave an offering at the chancel rail, when they come forward for communion. Once again, take the time to explain the why and what of the offering and provide envelopes. Either way, do not assume that everyone knows what the offering is about.  Put the experience into context.

You are not going to offend by receiving an offering. In fact, people may feel slighted, if they do not have an opportunity to respond to the message of Christmas.




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