Sit Back and Relax

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Planning

If your church income is above your budget needs as of August 31.

If you have increased your budget every year in order to keep up with inflation.  Your budget in 2018 needs to have grown at least 17% above your 2008 budget just to keep up with inflation.

If you have an operating reserve fund that is equal to at least three months of budget expenses.

If you have no deferred maintenance on your property, including the parsonage.

If you have established a permanent endowment fund that will replace the giving of your members over 80 years of age.

Now for those who cannot answer all of the above with a resounding yes, you still have time to develop a generosity plan to address them.  But, the time clock for 2018 and planning for 2019 is quickly ticking down. Today is the day to faithfully establish a generosity plan in your church.




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