Observations Along the Way

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Generosity, Giving

40 plus years of ministry in local churches, the district and as the executive director of the Foundation have taught me a few things.

The first is that if the pastor avoids talking about money and giving in a church, the congregation will also avoid the subject.  Generous givers will be disappointed by the pastor’s lack of interest, while non-givers will celebrate.

The second is that people in the congregation have a way of knowing what the pastor gives. Word trickles out about pastoral giving and will enhance or inhibit the pastor’s ability to lead in the area of generosity.

A third observation is that it is rare for a pastor to be influenced by knowing the giving information of church members. I have known of a few pastors, who seem to curry favor of large givers, but most never use the knowledge in offering pastoral care.

Finally, number four for today is that often the loudest voice in meetings is one of the smallest givers to the church. Most generous givers offer their resources to the church because of a love of Jesus, and their giving has nothing to do with influence or power. 




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