Church Giving 2016

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Giving

Church Giving 2016 recently published its “2016 State of the Plate” report. 59% of churches surveyed reported decreasing or flat-line giving. They did discover that giving is moving more and more in the area of electronic giving. Churches still pass the plate, but electronic funds transfers are becoming more important. Electronic giving becomes more vital, when you consider that one-third of regular attendees miss a service each weekend.


The survey also shows that the majority of giving is not done on a weekly basis. 46% say they give once or twice a month. 6% stated that they give every few months. This impacts how we view our weekly offerings in the context of the worship service. They also discovered that people tend to give to multiple organizations.

54% of church givers also contribute to at least one to three other places. 28% of givers make contributions to four to nine other non-profits. 7% actually give to over ten other places. Just 11% of church givers give zero to other non-profits.  So how are telling our stories in such a way to encourage continued support of the local church?




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