Lost in a Crowd

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Direction

Lost in a Crowd

He went looking for community with those similar in age and lifestyle. He chose to sit near the front of the service, even arriving a little early. The hope was that someone would notice and speak. The space filled for worship. The worship was good, but no one spoke. No word of welcome or invitation to join them for Sunday school after the service.

He went the second week to the second service. Still not one person said, “Welcome, we are glad that you are here.” And then he even went to a Sunday school class the next Sunday. It was something of an adventure because there was no information on the website about classes nor anyone greeting guests to offer guidance. The first try was a class too young. The second try was the right age, but almost all couples. Then worship again. This time friends, who were a married couple, joined him. Some folks talked to the couple, but they ignored him.

He hasn’t given up yet in seeking community in a Christian setting, but the way is difficult. And we wonder why single, young adults tend to be absent from our services of worship and life in the church.




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