Electronic Giving

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Giving

Electronic Giving

Research done about 18 months ago with 1,002 U. S. Christian churchgoers found that most churchgoers are looking for electronic ways to give. The survey discovered that only about 25% of churches offered some type of electronic giving, but 60% of those surveyed would like to give electronically.

Churches have been passing the plate since the 1800’s, but the plate is becoming more of a symbol of giving instead of the way people actually give. The highest demand for electronic giving is among churchgoers, who participate in at least two or more church groups or activities.

Newer research shows that donors 40-59 years of age desire to give electronically. The trend is up from 47% to 67% in just five years. And those giving through social media to all charitable rose from 20% to 26% in just one year. (2014-2015) Research shows the response to solicitation by social media is higher with those under the age of 40 and those who occasionally attend religious services.

The church can no longer afford to stick with the offering plate as the only means to receive financial support.




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