by | Nov 17, 2016 | Thankfulness


We are quickly approaching Thanksgiving Day, when we are invited to express our gratitude to God for all the blessings we enjoy. We also give thanks for the gifts of family, friends, work, home and food. This are personal expressions. But how do we as church leaders express our gratitude for the faithful people in our churches?

Now is a good time to thank all of the persons, who make it possible for the church to be in ministry and mission. Think about the ones that are out in front and easy to remember. But let’s remember the ones who work behind the scenes making sure everything is ready for our life together. Maybe the pastor and lay leader could send Thanksgiving Cards to all of these folks. It may be possible to thank them in a service of worship. Then what about all the financial resources entrusted to the church?

Consider setting aside a two or three minutes in worship the Sunday before Thanksgiving to give thanks for all those who give to the church. Recognize that givers have many choices these days. Express your gratitude for all that has been received. Then mention what happens because of everyone’s generosity.

You may even discover that gratitude is contagious.




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