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“And the tree is known by its fruits. For as he loves God, so he keeps his commandments.” The Character of a Methodist, by John Wesley

One of the distinctive teachings of our Wesleyan tradition is the belief in results. Wesley taught that if we endeavor to do the will of our Heavenly Father and through the use of our gifts and graces, we would produce fruit for the kingdom. This holy fruit would be the evidence of our love of God and one another. 

Is it possible that we have shifted away from expectation and moved into a time of just hope? There is nothing wrong with hope as long as it is not an excuse that prevents us from personally doing anything for the kingdom. On the other hand, the expectation is where we know that God is going to do something great, and we are not only watching for it to happen, but we are personally participating to make it a reality. This expectation presses us to produce much fruit for the gospel.

Together we need to be focused on getting results. What will these results look like? These results will be seen in the transformed lives of people as they embrace the way of Jesus with us. They will be seen in the relationships that we forge through kindness, love, and mercy. Our generosity will touch the lives of many for generations to come for the transformation of the world. These are the results that we are working in the fields to achieve. Let us live the expectation that comes from being a follower of Jesus.  

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