Let It Go

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Journey

In the book “Jesus CEO,” Laurie Beth Jones proposes that “Jesus’ ultimate act of faith was not so much in coming to earth as in leaving it.” After all, for three years, he invested in a small group of disciples that were so diverse it is incredible that they could stand to be in the same room with one another. What will happen to the movement when Jesus is gone? Jesus demonstrated by his leaving that he trusted those individuals with the most powerful message the world could ever hear. He had faith that the love that he instilled within them between one another would be strong enough to bridge any divide. Jesus’ confidence in those disciples was well placed, and the Gospel message was carried to all the known world.

Many times in life, we forget the faith that our heavenly Father has placed in us. We look in the mirror and see someone staring back at us filled with doubts, struggles, and the reminder of past failures. Other times, the pursuit of things forces us to use our resources for temporal gains and prizes. However, Jesus is whispering to us to “let it go.” There is something more worthy of your efforts. We have to let go of all the things that are hindering us from fully following Jesus. The first disciples had to let go of all their reservations to complete the mission that Jesus assigned to them. Today, we find ourselves in a similar place and a great challenge ahead. We must “let it go.” Yes, Jesus had great faith in all of us to allow us to be a part of His story. Let us act upon this faith and connect others to following the way of Jesus.




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