Generosity and Legacy-making

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Journey

I have pondered what I should share in my opening conversation with all of you who have supported the work of the Foundation for so long. Should I share with you a resource that would challenge people to think more about generosity and legacy-making? Maybe I should use a Biblical illustration and expound on it, that is, after all, the pastoral way to do things. Instead, I will share a story from my life that speaks to those two great images of generosity and legacy-making.

I was pastoring at Crystal Springs UMC and was in the office later than usual. I heard the doorbell ring, and there stood a man dressed in a suit. I opened the door, and he introduced himself to me and then explained why he was there. He shared with me that he grew up in the children’s home after his parents died in a tragic accident. Each year at Christmas, the Suzie Liddell Sunday School Class of Crystal Springs would sponsor him at Christmas. He said it was always the highlight of his year. He said he lived in Florida and was traveling for business but just wanted to find someone to say thank you to that was from Crystal Springs UMC.

As he left that day, my heart was full that this group that composed the Suzie Liddell Sunday School Class had left a mark on this man’s life. You will find many people that will argue about everything someone says or believes. However, they can’t argue with our generosity. It is that generosity that produces legacies. How do I know that? Because the Suzie Liddell Sunday school class proved it.

I am looking forward to Journeying with all of you.




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