Spirituality of Travel

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Journey

I had the opportunity to join about 2,300 other Methodists in listening to Rick Steves share about the connection of travel with spirituality. The event was sponsored by the General Board of Higher Education. Rick shared that he is a Lutheran with a strong faith in Christ.  He shared an image of the road as church. Each road we travel can be church for us.

He said that we can be moved by simple churches that have existed for centuries to great cathedrals that point our eyes and hearts to God. Beautiful mountains and simple fields of flowers can be opportunities to worship and encounter God.

Steves also mentioned the power of being present with people of different cultures and different faiths as an opportunity to encounter the love of God and God’s grace. He stated that he is always amazed that people with very little in terms of resources live out of a sense of abundance, while those with greater resources view the world as one of scarcity.

The journey can teach us so much if we are willing to open our hearts and eyes.




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