Just Thinking

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Journey

There are times in anticipation of a journey and on the journey that we just need some downtime. I have been on a few trips that consisted of constant motion and very little time for sitting and thinking. The trip was good, but I was exhausted at the end.

How do we plan a journey that includes time for doing and being? The problem is that most of us want to get our money’s worth out of any experience. It is like eating at an all you can eat buffet. We gorge ourselves because we want to get our investment back. It often happens on “vacations” to theme parks, other countries, or destinations. We feel guilty if all the options are not used. So, we drive ourselves to exhaustion. The last couple of weeks, we have journeyed with Jesus to the cross, the empty grave, and beyond. Most churches have been busy in spite of pandemic protocols.  Maybe now is time to sit and just think and reflect. What have we seen and felt in the past few weeks, and how does it inform the next steps in our journey?




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