Dreams Vs. Call

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Journey

Is your dream journey a place to put your toes in the sand? Maybe you are looking to sit atop a mountain and enjoy the view. Some wish to journey to a vibrant city filled with all kinds of sights and sounds.

I sometimes spend time looking at the work of other Methodist Foundations around the United States by viewing their websites.  Some of the sites invite me to dream about what the Methodist Foundation of Mississippi might look like in the years to come. Where would we be if someone gave us a gift of $25 million? How could we impact ministry with multiple deployed staff members? How many lives might be changed if we had a mailing list of 30,000 Methodists in Mississippi? You get the idea.

Then I am reminded that we are not in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, or any other place. We are in Mississippi with its culture and values.  Not that states do not share some of the same values and cultural norms, but each place has its own set.  We are called to serve where we are.

I believe the same is true for churches and ministries.  There are many similarities, but there are also distinct differences from one to the other. Communities are different, facilities are different, employment levels are not all the same, and the list can go on and on.  This is where our dreams intersect with our call.

We believe the Methodist Foundation is called to partner with all those tracing their heritage back to John Wesley and Tobias Gibson in Mississippi. This is who we are and our place. How can we be your partner in ministry?




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