Cleaned and Ready

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Direction

I have cleaned out my container garden following the recent freezing weather. Hoses have been put away, and the drip irrigation for the flower beds has been disconnected and covers placed over the outside faucets.  Lisa’s pansies have been fertilized and look good.  I will now take some time to get my garden and lawn tools nice and shiny for spring.

There is not much programming left in the church year. Yes, I know there is Christmas Eve in whatever form it might be this year. However, the majority of events associated with Advent have come and gone.  It is about time to clean up 2020 and begin to think into 2021.

Before you let 2020 go, please give folks a last chance to give. Encourage members to make up for missed offerings because of absence from in-person worship. Invite those who have been financially blessed to give a little extra in order to fill the void left by those who have suffered financially in the pandemic.  Take a careful and rational review of operations and finances as the year closes.

Covid-19 has brought so much anxiety into our world. It is easy to allow our emotions to overwhelm the reality of numbers.  Engage the “what is” and not the “what ifs.”




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