Garden Reflections

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Christmas

Lisa and I began to talk about what worked in the yard, flower beds, and garden this year. Our best garden producers were cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra. I will put in more next year and make sure that my larger tomatoes are made for container gardens.  We also talked about flowers.  Some thrived, and others fizzled. We will focus on the good ones and forget about the others.

I am going to work harder at weed control in the lawn during the winter season. I want to attack them as they emerge and then work on the next ones as spring arrives.  Raising the height of my mower definitely made a difference with the St. Augustine portion of the yard.

Church leaders may be struggling to find time for reflections on 2020, but I encourage you to make plans to do so before long. I know that end of year giving needs to be addressed. And how does a church provide a meaningful Christmas Eve experience while keeping everyone safe?

Covid-19 exposed the reality that we cannot be all things to all people all the time. There are just not enough people resources and financial resources to make that happen any longer. I believe God still provides the resources we need for the ministry we are called to do. But now, we have to truly discern what is important and lasting as opposed to what often demands our attention.




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