Something Different

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Giving

I have planted hydrangea in the flower beds of at least four homes with no success.  I planted one at our current home three years ago. It grew a little, but that was it.  This year I decided to move it to a large pot on the patio. And to my surprise, it not only grew much larger but finally decided to bloom.  A different approach made a difference.

This year the Foundation has decided to not only mention Giving Tuesday, which is the first Tuesday after Black Friday, but to also participate in raising funds for scholarships awarded through the Foundation. 

It is exciting to read the resumes and essays written by over a hundred United Methodist students in Mississippi applying for a Foundation scholarship. We have many faithful and smart students in our midst. We awarded over $100,000 in scholarships this year in partnership with the Wood College Foundation.  We want to do more, so we are inviting people to give to our scholarship fund. Our board is making contributions right now to provide donor matches to funds contributed on Giving Tuesday, December 1. 

How is your church participating in Giving Tuesday? If you do not have any plans, would you consider joining us in raising funds for scholarships for United Methodist students in Mississippi?




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