Fall Harvest

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Direction, Thankfulness

I often feel that the first week of November is the call to the starting blocks of a sprint. There are just two months left in the year and so much to squeeze into them.  We have Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, financial campaigns, and all of the regular stuff. Of course, Covid-19 has changed some of our approaches, but so much demands our time and attention.

My garden and yard work reminds me that the sprint method does not work with them. My cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce are growing, but they will be ready for harvest when they are ready for harvest.  I can water, fertilize, and trim a little here or there, but I cannot rush it along.  So, what is that trying to teach me? Life does get busy at times. Demands of the church and its seasons seem to feel like an avalanche coming our way. I cannot make it all happen. I can do my part by leaning into the days ahead, but the harvest is not mine to control.




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