Dream Time and Work Time

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Direction

I did some more yard and garden work this past weekend.  I bought a couple of new tomato plants and put them in containers and trimmed some bushes on the side of the house. I cut the shrubs back last year and trimmed them twice this year.  I admit that I did more than trim this last time.  I cut them back to the stump.  They will either be easier to control or die.  I can go with it either way. I do not want something that is higher than my waist and requires constant work.

During my many rest periods because of the heat, I began to dream about creating a new bed along the back of the house. This will be a matter of landscape edging, ground cloth, and mulch with two or three pots of plants.  The soil at the back of the house is like brick, so pots will be much easier than hauling compost and dirt. 

I believe that I am learning a little about adjusting plans to fit the circumstances of the yard and garden. Some things will grow without working myself to death.  This got me to thinking about ministry in a Covid-19 world.  We can try to work against its demands or find ways to work with it.

What types of ministry are fitting in the constraints of social distancing? What should be the next step in maintaining a funding stream for ministry? How can we find a healthy balance in communicating with members without beating them to death with content upon content? Do we need to remind people that worship does not just happen Sunday mornings? How do we assist members in their worship at home?




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