Next Steps

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Direction

My yard is doing very well right now. I added just a bit of fertilizer about three weeks ago, which has greened it up.  The garden is beginning to look a little pale.  One cucumber plant is producing well, while the other seems to be drying up.  My tomato plants are beginning to lose some of their green. I realize that I just do not have enough okra planted to produce enough at any one time. So, what should be my next step?

Felder Rushing reminded his listeners the other day that it is not too late to put out some new tomato plants.  I may just take that direction for the first time. I usually just let the garden kind of wind itself down.  We will see.

I am feeling like so much in our churches is growing a little pale during the lack of in-person worship or very limited in-person worship.  Ministry with children is limited. Traditional youth activities have been scaled back. Sunday school and other small groups are still meeting randomly or via Zoom.  The novelty seems to be wearing a little thin. Thankfully, most churches have reported financial support has remained strong. What should be the next step in maintaining a funding stream for ministry? How can the story of continuing ministry be framed and told? Who needs to hear an encouraging word and invited to respond?  I think we need to name some specifics about what ministry continues in spite of all the limitations we are experiencing just now. Think of ways for people to engage their financial resources as well as their time and gifts. Is it time to start planting again?




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