Normal Again?

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Planning

I have never read The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.  I have seen the movie several times. I have always kind of wondered, if Dorothy was changed in any way by her experience in Oz. Was she more grateful for what she had, or possibly more compassionate toward others? Did she find herself more willing to reach out to the stranger? Or did she treat the whole experience as one long, bad dream?

Just as we are moving from the tight restrictions in our lives caused by Covid-19 we find ourselves confronting the ugly mark of racism in our midst. We yearn for normal, but we cannot escape the reality of Covid-19 and a history of treating non-whites as less than human beings. I want it all to be one long, bad dream before waking up to “everything is okay.” I am now realizing that getting to okay is going to take patience and hard work. A lesson I am learning in the garden.

I am enjoying some fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden right now. The long days of planning and anticipating have come to fruition.  Summer is near, but I am thinking about what might be in the fall.

I encourage church leaders to begin now to make plans now for a fall stewardship emphasis. I believe The Gratitude Path, Leading Your Church to Generosity by Kent Millard is the best resource for the kind of year we are having.  His writing is practical and biblically based. There is a step by step plan for a Gratitude Campaign that includes keeping a gratitude journal.  Be on the look out for an introductory video on Facebook and our website. The book can be found at




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