Fall Stewardship Resource

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Thankfulness

You may be thinking, “How can we even begin to think about fall stewardship ideas, when we are still trying to figure out how to worship in person?” Church leaders are busy tending the current garden, but there is always the next growing season. Most churches use the fall to plant seeds of stewardship. I wish to suggest the perfect resource for this year.

The Gratitude Path, Leading Your Church to Generosity by Kent Millard is the best resource I know for a flooding, tornado ravaged, Covid-19 year.  Millard is the former pastor of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis and served as a member of the leadership team for the Academy of Spiritual Formation out of the Upper Room.  His writing is practical and biblically based.

The book invites congregations to “count their blessings” even when life is difficult. Millard writes about struggle out of his own experience of his wife’s death from pancreatic cancer. Blessings abound, when we are invited to see them.

Chapters end with questions for group discussion or personal devotion. The final chapter is a step by step plan for a Gratitude Campaign that includes keeping a gratitude journal.  Be on the look out for an introductory video on Facebook and our website. The book can be found at Cokesbury.com.




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