Cold Snaps and Gardens

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Giving

I was surprised by the cold mornings we had last week. I knew it was cool, but having some ice on my windshield was really a shock. It was a definite shock to my plants in the garden and the grass.  Suddenly, everything came to a halt. The plants just sat there, and the grass stopped growing as well.  Now my cucumber leaves are an off color and some brown is showing up in the grass.

I guess I should have covered up my garden, but I didn’t think it was going down to 36 degrees. There wasn’t much I could do for the grass. It was out of my hands.  Yet, I do not want it to be out of my hands. I like to be in control.

Covid-19 has demonstrated to us all how little control we have in life. We can develop our emergency plans and funds for ourselves and our churches, but we can never really plan for something like this. However, we can assess where we are right now and begin to adjust as needed.

We certainly cannot control the weather or pandemics, but we can find our way through with wise counsel and careful strategies. The future is going to be different. We can adapt or be frustrated.




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