Planting And Easter

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Easter

Finally, after waiting and waiting, the time has come to put plants in the dirt.  Each plant is filled with all kinds of potential.  I am hoping my cherry tomatoes are going to produce enough to keep our salads equipped for the summer. Then I am looking forward to cucumbers sliced along with onion in vinegar. I can almost feel the crunch and taste the vinegar.  The okra is going to be great fried or stewed with tomatoes.  I have cut and trimmed the yard at least three times already.

It is so good to have one little slice of normalcy in this chaotic world of COVID-19. I never thought we would get to the place of stopping most of our normal commerce.  We are living in historic times, which usually means a time of challenge. This is quite a Holy Week.

The good news is that the sun continues to rise in the morning, the trees are green, the grass is growing and flowers are blooming.   However, the best news is that the grave cannot hold Jesus.

The love of God is proclaimed in all of its fullness through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Nothing is the same again. Easter reminds us that we are connected to a God, who is so beyond anything we can begin to imagine. Yet, this same God abides with each of us.

The news speaks of patients dying alone in the ICU. I beg to differ. Each one is held in the gracious arms of Jesus. We are never alone because God has demonstrated just how far God will go to extend love and forgiveness to us. Allow this love to bathe you in peace this week.




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